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Friday, March 14, 2008

Japanese DVD Covers for Superbook and The Flying House!

Check these out! These are the official DVD covers for the Japanese versions of Superbook (In Japanese, Anime Oyako Gekijo) and The Flying House (In Japanese, Time Kyoshitsu: Tondera House no Daiboken)! Superbook (Anime Oyako Gekijo) is on the left, and The Flying House (Time Kyoshitsu: Tondera House no Daiboken) is on the right!
The awesome news is that these are available to buy! These DVDs are published by Word of Life Press. If you go to the English page, click "Video", then on the left search for the keyword "Superbook" or "Flying House" (without quotes), you'll find them! On the English homepage, it tells you how to order. Not sure if orders can be placed outside of Japan, but the DVDs are available! Check 'em out!