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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Davey and Goliath Clip on YouTube!

Check out a clip from the series Davey and Goliath on YouTube!
Lots of Davey and Goliath episodes are available on DVD! Be sure to check out the DVDs below! Davey and Goliath Volume 1 (2 disc set includes 60 minute documentary and 4 episodes) Davey and Goliath Volume 2 (Includes 6 episodes and the special "Halloween Who-Dun-It") Davey and Goliath Volume 3 (Includes 6 episodes and the special "Christmas Lost and Found") Davey and Goliath DVD Collection (Includes all DVD volumes above, Volumes 1-3) Davey and Goliath: The New Skates and Other Adventures (Includes 4 episodes) Davey and Goliath: Lost in a Cave and Other Adventures (Includes 4 episodes - Has "The Wild Goat" episode which is included on Davey and Goliath Volume 2, too) Davey and Goliath: The Silver Mine and Other Adventures DVD (Includes 4 Episodes)