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Friday, June 1, 2007

The Christmas Shopping Guide 2007

Looking for a good gift? Don't wanna break the bank? Want to give a gift that will impact someones life for Christ? Check out the Christian Cartoons Online Christmas Shopping Guide 2007! Keep checking back for more updates! Edited December 19th, 2007
  Animated Version of Ben-Hur
  on DVD
  Only $3.99!   Ben-Hur DVD   Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie on DVD
  on DVD
  Only $4.99! (Until Dec. 2nd, Sunday Night at
  Midnight)   Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie DVD
  Superbook on DVD
  $8.99 per DVD. 4 Episodes per DVD Volume   Superbook Volume 1 DVD   Superbook Volume 2 DVD   Superbook Volume 3 DVD   The Flying House on DVD
  $8.99 per DVD. 4 Episodes per DVD Volume   The Flying House Volume 1 DVD
  LarryBoy Episodes in a 4-DVD Set
  Includes the first 2 LarryBoy episodes, all four
  cartoon LarryBoy Episodes, and Dave and the
  Giant Pickle
  The Bumblyburg Superhero Value Pack DVD VeggieTales 2 DVD Packs
Includes 2 VeggieTales episodes on 2 DVDs for $11.99 Minnesota Cuke & Sheerluck Holmes and the Golden Ruler Esther: The Girl Who Became Queen & Duke and The Great Pie War King George and the Ducky & LarryBoy and the Bad Apple Moe and the Big Exit & The Ballad of Little Joe
  Davey and Goliath Episodes on DVD
  3 DVD Volumes for $5.99 each

  Get all 3 Volumes in a pack for $14.99 Davey and Goliath 3 Volume DVD Set Davey and Goliath Volume 1 DVD Davey and Goliath Volume 2 DVD Davey and Goliath Volume 3 DVD   The Adventures of McGee and Me
  The Entire Series on DVD
  4 DVD Volumes for $11.99 each
  (3 Episodes per DVD)

  Get all 4 Volumes in a pack for $34.99 McGee and Me 4 Volume DVD Set McGee and Me Volume 1 DVD McGee and Me Volume 2 DVD McGee and Me Volume 3 DVD McGee and Me Volume 4 DVD
  The StoryKeepers on DVD
  Different DVD Volumes are available,
  each with different prices The StoryKeepers DVDs   Adventures in Odyssey Season 1 on DVD
  Get 10 of the 13 Season 1 Episodes of Adventures
  in Oddyssey in a DVD Set for $29.99

  Get the remaining 3 Episodes on DVD singles for
  $7.99 each Adventures in Odyssey 10 Episode DVD Set Episode 1 - The Knight Travellers on DVD Episode 3 - A Fine Feathered Frenzy on DVD Episode 13 - Baby Daze on DVD